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Manage accounts, contacts, leads and deals, communicate with email and write quotes and invoices
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Ever looked for a simple tool to manage your customers?

The management of your daily business needs an average of seven business tools. Excel, Email, communication tools and you'll eventually need a CRM or ERP tool to track customers, leads and deals. These tools are complex to configure and your team members need continuous training.
We offer you a simpler way of running your business: Our mission is to build a tool with no limitations, no integrations and no headache overload.

How does accounto look like?

What makes us unique?


We dedicate all our work to creating the most simple but complete business tool.

No limits

We do not apply any limits to team size, account number, documents, etc.

Do you need to remember recurring deadlines on behalf of your customers?

  • You plan your daily tasks and prioritise your to-dos. And how do you handle recurring tasks?
  • An average client of an accounting firm, for example, has three recurring tasks per month: Prepare documents for accounting, submit personal income declaration and submit VAT.
  • accounto helps you plan, set and respect deadlines.

Are you tired of getting salesy emails and want to improve your communication?

  • Write modern-looking emails directly in accounto and keep track of the email history.
  • Plan and schedule information and send recurring emails to groups or segments of your customer base.
  • Use notes to never forget about what your last conversation was with a particular lead.

Do you need to send the same Terms of Business and other documents to every lead?

  • Build attractive documents with our intuitive document builder and attach them to a particular client detail record.
  • Save docs as templates, re-use them for every lead or customer and generate pdfs to send via email - all from within accounto.
  • Have your customers and leads digitally sign your documents and keep track of the legal compliance.

Is preparing quotes and invoices a headache?

  • Register all your products and services within accounto.
  • Use our modern click-quote and click-invoice builder.
  • Add ad-hoc lines, discounts and unique items to your quotes and invoices.
  • Do not think about VAT calculation: our tool handles VAT calculation, Reverse-charge and export VAT automatically.

Our offer for your business

Free Basic:

  • Accounts and Contacts
  • Product & Services
  • Invoices
  • Notes

Plus Add-on:

  • Leads & Deals
  • Quotes
  • Tasks
  • Email & Campaigns

clientCockpit Add-on *:

  • * ONLY for our accounting customers
  • Uploading & Archive
  • Accounting Reports
  • KPI & Financial Widgets
  • AP & AR Automation

Message from the Founder

Having worked for over 15 years with agencies, startups and small companies, helping them streamline their business processes, I discover daily how difficult it is for owners to choose the right business tool to manage their company. Many CRM and ERP tools offer an overkill of not-needed functions and a complex setup. Many others offer essential functions and force owners to work with many integrations.
It is my and my team's mission to build a more straightforward solution: Software you can start using on day one. No fancy whistles and funky bells but simple yet essential tools to run your successful business.
Oliver Gasser, Founder & CEO
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